I think I’d like to participate in this.  It seems like a great way to display some work (something I’ve never done before) without giving a sizable portion of my decor away for months.

My plan was to wait to post all of my paintings here until I could write out some background info on each of them, but since I haven’t gotten to doing that yet and I would really like some input on submissions, here are some pieces that are submission-ready or will be by late May:

-The first that comes to  mind is my Yoshi painting.  (Really should work on a title for that…)  Everyone loves it, and it’s already framed.

-I am quite sure that my in-progress copy of William Blake’s “Ancient of Days” [click for reference photo] will be complete and dry by the submission deadline.  I’ve been working on it about twice a week, and it probably has about a month left of work to go.

-Another possibility is the mask I made for Halloween last year (I went as De Stijl).

-And I suppose if the curator were open to hanging it on the ceiling, I could submit The Gullibility Test.

I don’t think anything else is really up to par or mine to distribute (the Elephant of Surprise is a gift).  So… any thoughts?

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