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Website Up!

Apparently I’ve neglected to mention that I now have a website!  Check me out at

Prints for Sale

There are now multiple places to buy prints of my work, including in an actual store!  Bay Area folks: prints of five of my paintings are now on display for sale at Bay Home and Linens on B Street in San Mateo, CA.  The advantage of buying a print through the store (rather than online) […]

Artist Statement – The Mirror Stage

I applied to my first art competition and it’s a doozy of a competition.  The Smithsonian has a triennial (yes, that means once every three ennials) portrait competition and the pieces that are accepted go on tour for three years.  Also you can win cash moneys.  I decided to enter “The Mirror Stage” and when […]

Robot Finds Kitten – Stage 3

This photo is a little old, as the painting is now nearly done!  Here’s a photo of the third stage of the process, the second layer of tempera over an ochre ground: In this phase of the process, the entire painting is covered by a semi-transparent yellow glaze and tempera is applied to the areas […]

Etsy shop up!

I’ve been making lots of great progress on “Robot Finds Kitten”, but I wanted to take a time out from that to post that I have a new Etsy store up!  Visit to check it out.  I’m selling prints of paintings, starting with “The Missing Link”! I’m also working on putting together a real […]

Robot Finds Kitten – Stage 2

After the ink drawing comes the imprimatura, a layer of red that covers the entire panel.  The imprimatura is one of the hardest stages of the entire process (apologies for not having a picture of it), as the red tempera mixture must be made from scratch and is very finicky; it basically ossifies if left […]


My wallet and I have decided that it’s high time I start taking commissions, so this is my announcement to all of you. If you like my work and would like me to make a painting or a drawing for you, get in touch with me and I’ll let you know if it’s something I […]