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Optical Greys – Video Clip

Working on the Judgment Card for the Zeitgeist Tarot and found an opportunity to talk about one of the amazing color effects that makes me love the Mische Technique

Hallo from Austria!

I’m posting from Hotel PayerbacherHof in a town near Vienna. I’m here studying with Professor Philip Rubinov-Jacobson, the world’s preeminent teacher of the Mische Technique. I’m here studying for three weeks and I’m having an amazing time. I’m in the midst of working on three paintings in the Tarot series: Temperance, Justice and The Devil. […]

Robot Finds Kitten – Stage 3

This photo is a little old, as the painting is now nearly done!  Here’s a photo of the third stage of the process, the second layer of tempera over an ochre ground: In this phase of the process, the entire painting is covered by a semi-transparent yellow glaze and tempera is applied to the areas […]

Robot Finds Kitten – Stage 2

After the ink drawing comes the imprimatura, a layer of red that covers the entire panel.  The imprimatura is one of the hardest stages of the entire process (apologies for not having a picture of it), as the red tempera mixture must be made from scratch and is very finicky; it basically ossifies if left […]

New Painting – First Stage

I thought it might be interesting to document my process all the way through a new project.  I’m starting a new painting, a still-life, based on my friend Leonard Richardson‘s 1998(?) video game, “Robot Finds Kitten“. I’m working on this painting using the Mische Technique.  Unlike the technique I learned which (I believe?  Amanda, help […]

Another progress shot

So… I’m still working on the self-portrait. Maybe every time I’m like “It just needs another x sessions…” you should just add, like, twenty to that number. There are a lot of reasons that this project has taken much longer than I anticipated, and–as always–each problem that I’ve run into has been an excellent learning […]

Two Years in the Making

Part 1 I had been waiting until the completion of this project to post anything about it.  That time has FINALLY come, so here it is! Choosing an Image Since studying the art and poetry of William Blake in my senior year of college, I have been obsessed with this image: a deity/demiurge of Blake’s […]