This photo is a little old, as the painting is now nearly done!  Here’s a photo of the third stage of the process, the second layer of tempera over an ochre ground: In this phase of the process, the entire painting is covered by a semi-transparent yellow glaze and tempera is applied to the areas […]

I’ve been making lots of great progress on “Robot Finds Kitten”, but I wanted to take a time out from that to post that I have a new Etsy store up!  Visit to check it out.  I’m selling prints of paintings, starting with “The Missing Link”! I’m also working on putting together a real […]

After the ink drawing comes the imprimatura, a layer of red that covers the entire panel.  The imprimatura is one of the hardest stages of the entire process (apologies for not having a picture of it), as the red tempera mixture must be made from scratch and is very finicky; it basically ossifies if left […]

My wallet and I have decided that it’s high time I start taking commissions, so this is my announcement to all of you. If you like my work and would like me to make a painting or a drawing for you, get in touch with me and I’ll let you know if it’s something I […]

I thought it might be interesting to document my process all the way through a new project.  I’m starting a new painting, a still-life, based on my friend Leonard Richardson‘s 1998(?) video game, “Robot Finds Kitten“. I’m working on this painting using the Mische Technique.  Unlike the technique I learned which (I believe?  Amanda, help […]

So, it looks like I lied when I said that The Lovers was going to be the first card in my Tarot series… because I just finished another before it.  “How did I finish another painting so quickly?” you may ask, oddly in the first-person.  Well, I didn’t really.  See, my wonderful and brilliant friend […]

Good news, everyone!  I finally started work on an entire series of paintings!  I’d been kicking around the idea of painting tarot cards for a couple of years, but a few months ago I decided to commit to the project.  I’m now well into my first card and have several sketches for the second. Without […]

So… I’m still working on the self-portrait. Maybe every time I’m like “It just needs another x sessions…” you should just add, like, twenty to that number. There are a lot of reasons that this project has taken much longer than I anticipated, and–as always–each problem that I’ve run into has been an excellent learning […]

As promised, here’s a photo of the painting I’m currently working on.  It still needs about another two weeks of work, mostly on the face and the jacket. Unlike my other paintings which I did either in acrylics or oils, this painting is being made using the Mische Technique, which involves using a combination of […]

In which Beth speculates wildly about how one can learn to appreciate nonrepresentational art.