What better way is there to provide some background of my painting endeavors than with a bio written in the third-person?1

Beth began her journey into the world of visual arts at age five when her parents decided to indulge her creative side by sending her to art lessons. Over the next three years she was exposed to oil paints, pastels, watercolors, charcoals and more harmful vapors than any eight year old ought to inhale. After her teacher retired at age 29 to marry a professional hockey player, Beth discontinued painting until she was introduced to the use of acrylics–a virtually hassle-free, nontoxic medium–by the best art teacher a middle school has ever known.  Upon beginning high school Beth decided that her time was better spent pursuing her interest in musical theatre and dance and turned away from the visual arts. Her interest in painting was not reignited until her junior year of college when she became something of a devotee of Athena and decided to render the goddess in acrylics. Over the next couple of years, Beth continued to produce the occasional painting, almost all inspired by dreams.  In 2006 she became discouraged by the lack of realism she was able to achieve when attempting a self-portrait, and she resolved to begin formal study for the first time in twelve years. In Chicago in 2007 she began studying classical oil painting technique under the tutelage of Amanda Cadogan. Her lessons consisted of copying classical paintings, many of which are still in progress.

Ultimately, Beth hopes to continue to hone her skills to the point at which she is able to seamlessly unite realistic and cartoon elements to yield work that stylistically falls somewhere between pop art and surrealism.

1 Um, with a picture maybe?

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